About Us


Our Vision is to become the go-to platform for highlighting the feats, opportunities, and insights in the agricultural value chain across Africa.

We are a boutique agricultural platform that provides support services for companies in the agric sector. With expertise in photography and videography, we are brand champions for farms and agribusinesses.

We highlight the works and exploits of all organizations within the agricultural value chain. If you are doing something unique and worth highlighting, talk to us. We’ll talk to the world on your behalf. In addition, we provide a host of services including consultancy services, extension, and education services as well as research.

Our Mission
To tell the stories of farmers in a new and exciting way, Use digital media (videos and photos) to highlight services in the agriculture value chain, To connect farms to opportunities and To provide education and training for farmers
Why Choose Us

Why Agrihype

We have a team with the right mix of passion, expertise, and experience to help you take your farm or agribusiness to the next level.
Practical experience to deliver best results.
Astute experts ever ready to aid anyway possible.
Right platforms to promote products and services within the value chain for optimum impact.

What Our Farmers Say

At Agrihype we treat everyone as a family. We appreciate every feedback we get from our customers and we take every advise

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